W3C and the Semantic Web


by Jos De Roo of AGFA

W3C Semantic Web Activity

W3C SW Activity - Goals

"The bane of my existence is doing things that I know the computer could do for me."

-- Dan Connolly, The XML Revolution

computer refuses to do tasks

W3C SW Activity - Structure

W3C SW Activity - Approach to Deployment

A lot of hard work - and a bit of luck

SW Architecture

SW Principles 1: Everything identifiable is on SW

Helsinki with http://www.helsin

SW Principles 2: Partial information is tolerated

404 error

SW Principles 3: There is no need for absolute truth

example of trust processing

SW Principles 4: Evolution is supported

SW Principles 5: Minimalist design

Enabling Standards & Technologies - Layer Cake

architectural layers

RDF Core Working Group (RDFCore)

Very wide interoperability

Web Ontology Working Group (WebOnt)

Wide interoperability & interconversion

Logic layer

SW Public Forums

SW Advanced Development - Goals

SW Advanced Development - Areas

SW Bus

Data interworking feeds logic b

Examples of Running Code

Closed World Machine

Euler Proof Mechanism