World wide welding machine transforming data into proofs


by Jos De Roo of KNoWS office of IDLab - Ghent University - imec.

We want inter-engine interop which requires proof - SemWave diagram from Tim Berners-Lee


We need the full potential of the Semantic Web Databus and Proofbus from Tim Berners-Lee


Use case GPS4IntegratedCare

The GPS4IntegratedCare project objective is Automatic generation of dynamic and personalized care workflows

Technologies used:

Using the GPS plugin for EYE

Goal driven Parallel Sequences

Inspired by

In linear logic we are instead concerned with the change of truth with a
change of state. We model this in a very simple way: when an inference rule
is applied we consume the propositions used as premises and produce the
propositions in the conclusions, thereby effecting an overall change in state.

Use case GPS4IntegratedCare findings

The project worked out fine, but the architecture is centralized around a single smart workflow engine and that is really not scalable.

The proposal is to address the scalability with MAP

Multi-Agent Proofs

Multiple agents can work together by using their own knowledge/logic/data
and proofs made by other agents.

The proofs are guaranteeing a transparent and accountable way of working
and they only disclose what is relevant, so there is no need to have an
"All knowledge is contained in here" (what I learned from Tim Berners-Lee).

This is just a proposal with a proof of concept in which agent1 and agent2 are GPS agents and agent2 reaches his goal thanks to the lemmata made by agent1.

Multi-Agent Proofs: agent2 reaches his goal thanks to the lemmata made by agent1

agent2-proof makes use of lemma9 from agent1-proof

<#lemma13> a r:Extraction;
  r:gives {
    <> a r:Inference.
  r:because [ a r:Parsing; r:source <>].

<#lemma14> a r:Extraction;
  r:gives {
    <> r:gives {
      :map-BE gps:description ({:i1 :location :Gent} true {:i1 :location :Brugge} :drive_gent_brugge 1500.0 0.006 0.96 0.99)
  r:because [ a r:Parsing; r:source <>].

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