World wide welding machine transforming data into proofs


by Jos De Roo of KNoWS office of IDLab - Ghent University - imec.

We want inter-engine interop which requires proof: SemWave diagram from Tim Berners-Lee


We need the full potential of the Semantic Web Databus and Proofbus from Tim Berners-Lee


Use case GPS4IntegratedCare

The GPS4IntegratedCare project objective is Automatic generation of dynamic and personalized care workflows

Technologies used:

Goal driven Parallel Sequences (GPS):

Use case GPS4IntegratedCare lessons learned

The project worked out fine, but the architecture is centralized around a single smart workflow engine and that is really not scalable.

The proposal is to address the scalability with MAP

Multi-Agent Proofs (MAP):

This is just a proposal with a proof of concept in which agent1 and agent2 are GPS agents and agent2 reaches his goal thanks to the lemmata made by agent1.

Multi-Agent Proofs: Agent2 reaches his goal thanks to the lemmata made by Agent1

Agent2-proof makes use of lemma9 from Agent1-proof

<#lemma13> a r:Extraction;
  r:gives {
    <> a r:Inference.
  r:because [ a r:Parsing; r:source <>].

<#lemma14> a r:Extraction;
  r:gives {
    <> r:gives {
      :map-BE gps:description ({:i1 :location :Gent} true {:i1 :location :Brugge} :drive_gent_brugge 1500.0 0.006 0.96 0.99)
  r:because [ a r:Parsing; r:source <>].

Reverse the burden of proof

The burden of proof is now on the server:

Reverse the burden of proof:

This is much more scalable but requires client side reasoning + proof generation

The proof could be provided as HTTP GET payload

Thank you

Thank you for your attention